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for anyone who has ever been a child..

Riza appears on TV in the Philippines!

NEW for 2015! Germ Stopper Boy! The Clean Hands Hero!

by Riza Oledan-Ramos; Illustrated once again by Rodante Guarda!



a fun way to teach hygiene!

     Little Eman just doesn’t understand why he always has to wash his hands. Then one day at school he learns something cool, and now he’s got all sorts of plans! What did Eman learn that made him want to become a superhero in his home? Find out, and maybe you can become a superhero too! FOR AGES 8-10; 3rd grade level

(60 pages; 8" x 10" ISBN: 978-0-9828684-30)
excerpt from Germ Stopper Boy

My name is Eman,
and I’m nine years old.
I’m a very good boy,
and I do as I’m told.

But there’s something
I’m hearing a lot more these days,
that my parents are saying
in so many ways!

It’s the same every morning.
It’s the same at night, too.
“Wash your hands,” they both say.
“It’s the right thing to do!”

Now, it’s hard to explain.
No one understands.
But I'm just sick and tired
of washing my hands!

excerpt from Germ Stopper Boy

It's the same thing at breakfast,
and at lunch every day.
It's the same before dinner.
I know just what they’ll say:

“Wash your hands,” mom will say.
“You’ve been playing all day!”
“Wash your hands,” dad will say.
“Be a good boy now, okay?”

“Wash your hands, wash your hands
now before you sit down!
For your hands are all dirty
from running around!”

Skip ahead a few pages to what Eman learns in school one day:
excerpt from Germ Stopper Boy

“When germs touch your hands
when you work or you play,
they stay on your hands
‘til you chase them away.”

“They stay on your hands
while awake or asleep
They stay on your hands
while you bake or you sweep!”

“They stay on your hands,
but not only on you!
For whatever you touch
will get germs on it too!”

And then, our school nurse
walked in dressed in light blue.
Nurse Anne smiled at us,
and said, “Yes, class, it’s true!”

Ms. Smith asked Nurse Anne,
“Are germs easily spread?”
Nurse Anne nodded her head,
and then here’s what she said:

A few pages later:
excerpt from Germ Stopper Boy

“There’ll be germs on your hands
after you tinkle, poo and flush.
Those germs from your hand
stick to whatever you touch.”

“From your hand to your pen,
from your pen to your friend…
Yes, your hands must be clean
if you borrow or lend!”

excerpt from Germ Stopper Boy

“When you cough and sneeze wrong,
germs are easily spread,
but I’m going to teach you
the right way instead!”

“The best way to do it
to cause the least harm
is cough into your sleeve,
or sneeze into your arm.”

“It’s the best way to cough
to keep germs out of the breeze.
It’s the best way to sneeze
so you don’t spread disease.”

“But if you forget,
there is always a trick,
a way to stop those bad germs
from making you sick..”

While learning basic hygiene at home and at school, Eman discovers how to stop germs in their tracks, prevent colds, flus and viruses from spreading, and becomes a germ-stopping superhero! This beautiful collector's item is available in paperback as well as a durable, shiny hardback to last your child a long time! It's available only through the Riza Ramos Books & the Passion Profit Company.



The Boy Who Dreamed to Be With His Parents on Saipan!

A story for anyone who has ever been a child...

     Emmanuel Ramos misses his mom and dad. They are on the island of Saipan working. He is in Manila, Philippines, with his aunt, cousins and grandparents. Will his parents ever come back for him? Will he ever see them again? Will Emmanuel's big dream to be with his parents on Saipan ever come true? FOR AGES 8-10; Fourth grade level

(36 pages; 5.5 x 8.5 ISBN: 978-0982868409)

Read more Order now Scenes from the story!

excerpt from the boy who dreamed to be with his parents on saipan
Little Emmanuel is sad. His parents send toys, but what he really wants are his parents.
excerpt from the boy who dreamed to be with his parents on saipan
However, his aunts and cousins do their best to give him a normal life while they are away!
excerpt from the boy who dreamed to be with his parents on saipan
Here he is watching the dolphin show in Manila.

Will he ever see his parents again? Will Emmanuel's big dream to be with his parents on Saipan ever come true? Find out >>





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Meet Riza Ramos (Interview)

riza interview Riza Oledan-Ramos grew up in Cabucgayan, Biliran, Philippines. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Martinez Memorial College in Cabucgayan City, and is currently a staff nurse at the Commonwealth Health Center on Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. She has written dozens of poems, and is currently writing a series of children's non-fiction books.

On August 18, 2009 my third grade son asked me to help him with his school project in Language under Mrs. Frances Taimanao in Mt. Carmel School, Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. However, this was not the usual project or art work like he has had since the first grade. It was his autobiography.

We started collecting his baby pictures and revisited events that had occurred in his life. My son shared his thoughts as we looked at the photographs. As I input his words into the computer, he told me things he remembered, things he actually felt, and things that I had missed while I was away from him.

As I typed, I realized that to capture his thoughts accurately, I needed to put myself in his shoes, and think like a child. I asked my son for things I could hardly describe, but he was smart enough to answer me in a child’s way. During the process, I felt how sad it is for a child to be left by his/her mom or dad. I imagined how many children are being left by mothers or fathers for jobs far from home.

As we finished my son’s project, I had an idea that we could actually make a real book; a book worthy enough to share with the world. Every day in the Philippines and around the world many parents are leaving their home country to find work elsewhere to give their children a better future. I, for one, am one of these parents. My brother and brother-in-law also work in foreign countries, all with the same motivation: to gain a better life for us and our children.

This is a story not just for Filipino children, but for all children in the world with a mom or dad living far away, who in one way or another have had the same experiences as my son.

This book is not only for kids to enjoy, but also for parents. This will be like your child opening his feelings to you. My aim is not only to make it a memorable experience for children, but also to touch a parent's heart with simple words from a child’s point of view. HAVE FUN READING!

Riza's Friends!

children reading the boy who dreamed to be with his parents on saipan
Riza's friends reading the book!

riza ramos at bestseller bookstore on saipan
Riza's friends at the Commonwealth Health Center Giftshop on Saipan are selling The Boy Who Dreamed to Be With His Parents on Saipan!

bookworm bookmark
Riza's friend in New Zealand has a super cool bookmark for any book! It's called The Bookworm and is available in blue, green, orange and yellow! Here's a photo of it bookmarking Riza's book!

staff at bestseller books on saipan
Riza's friends at Bestseller Books on Saipan invite you to come browse their selection of books and pick up a copy of The Boy Who Dreamed..."

riza ramos, author of the boy who dreamed to be with his parents on saian
Riza's friends at the Joeten Kiyu Public Library on Saipan have the book available for reading! Check it out!

interview by emily mitchell-eaton
Riza's friend, Emily Mitchell-Eaton, a doctoral student from Syracuse University conducting research on the CNMI immigration transition, interviewed Riza about The Boy Who Dreamed..

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